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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Compromise .....Compromise.....Compromise...!!!

I detest this word! But in reality, Compromises can make or break life !

What do 'you' want? never mind.. just a slight compromise and it'll do u a world of good !

What do 'you' like ? never mind.. compromise, smile and tolerate even if u don't like! You'll become a favorite person to all!

What do 'you' think? never mind... give ears to others' thoughts.. Life will be easier!

Life is full of such compromises! Some compromises make us feel like another Buddha. Some make us feel rotten.. Some make us feel frustrated. But in all this, one loses one's own identity!

Mind and body slowly get numb. We no longer act assertive in establishing our own likes and wants. Is this what they cleverly call "older wiser"? aghh...

In compromising there is no scale in assessing the depth! Everyone to their own ! After a lot of compromises in the name of life, love, like, respect and what not, I really don't know who I'm anymore ! When I look back, i see a sunny gal with innocence as pure as snow, lots of trust, faith, with a world-is-my-oyster kind of confidence! The tastes, likings, wants.. they are still the same. But the person is irrevocably changed! Innocence is forever lost. Trust, faith and the go-getter attitude.. everything is still there... but heavily tinged with cynicism!!

"Cynic" is the apt way to describe Compromises. Be it small or big ones, compromises turn a person into a hardened cynic ! Fact of life ! What do I get in return? Loving family, excellent career..I'm sure. All my compromises make me an apple in the eye of my family and friends ! awww...

so why crying hues???

Because sometimes, even loving family and excellent career couldn't ward off the longing for the lost things, the acute loneliness and Identity crisis ! Chronic Identity Crisis'itis'!

Where is "ME"?
where have i left my true self in my race towards achieving the above two that is loving family and excellent career?

I dont know... i'm perplexed.... I feel lost.....


Ganga Bharani (GB) said...

'compromise' a very common word in my life.. :( every girl's life. We start compromising for the name of the family and later for the family we get married to, then for the kids, then for the family our kids get married to, then for grandchildren and it goes on.

We lose the 'Me'in us

Umbrella said...

@Ganga Bharani- In every male's life also. In other words..Men also compromise a lot. Where we draw a line is the million dollar question!! Thanks for ur input. Happy days..

Susan Deborah said...

Compromise seems the norm for a smooth and bumpless life. Sometimes we do it so much that we forget that we are compromising. the word "compromise," "adjust," and "it's okay" has become so very usual for most of us.

Joy always,

Ashutosh Didwania said...

Well, this is one post I wudn't agree to at all :) Don't think compromise is one bit necessary. Its true that situations do throw up 'compromise' as an option, but that's what they are, an option..that's about it!

P.S.: Just my personal experience :)

Umbrella said...

@Susan Deborah- well said! compromise is a norm that we dont even realise it anymore! thanks for ur input. Happy days..

Umbrella said...

@Ashutosh- i agree that compromise always has an option! but these options r mostly like 'Catch 22'. Either this compromise or that compromise! :)...well...obviously..u may not understand cz...u belong to the 'blessed species'....'MALE'!! :):)

Ashutosh Didwania said...

Now that delicately lingers on the lines of chauvinism. Well, may be I didn't quite understand your pretext of 'compromise', but I'll stand by my words that there's always a win-win solution to every situation, be it catch-22. Just needs a bit of thought and may be that extra bit of effort. Rest, my apologies if I got the context wrong. Goodluck with your life ahead, hope you don't have to compromise anymore!

Umbrella said...

@ Asutosh Didwania - apologies??!!!..oh..c'mon..I love ur honest comments. plz don't spoil it by ur apology :):)

Vyankatesh said...

Wonderful post.

Compromise is one of the essential factors in life!!

Umbrella said...

@ Vyankatesh- Thank you for ur input. Happy days..