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Friday, September 30, 2011

My first night....My first kiss...!!

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I got very good scores in +2 . I was over the moon, when i got admission in a professional college.

I don't know about arts colleges, but professional colleges were hell bent on

Ragging at that time and no strict rules to control the student.

I had enough boost-your-morale speeches from my dad to face it.

Here i have to describe the girl i was at that time...

I was a well-cosseted, spoiled brat. The pampered life made me arrogant.

taking things for granted and my father's high-powered job
only helped in feeding my self absorbance
I was not used to people ordering me around. It's always the other way round ! lol

I was wilful, very very impulsive, outspoken I was 17 going on 12 ! oh yes
I was one very innocent, naive girl at that time.

The first day at college went on smoothly. My dad accompanied me and was

treated with utmost respect by the Principal. I was enjoying the reflected glory
without any fear for the coming days..

How stupid !

I realised my stupidity on the 3rd day..

At noon break i visited the canteen where any sane freshers wouldn't dream of visiting ! It was full of seniors, chatting loudly. I made a bee line for the
counter to place my orders..

One senior girl intercepted me, propelled me towards the table where the

other seniors were sitting..

Hey you r new, right? one of them asked

I dragged a chair from nearby table, sat down and beamed at them all..

[ I thought they were being friendly !!]

The entire canteen went silent. The sheer audacity of my actions !

But the dumb me didn't realise my mistake even then..

One senior girl gave me a thorough once over, quirked her brow..

" did we ask you to sit?"

I bristled at the very tone she adopted..

How dare !

"Do i need your permission?" i asked

That attracted the attention of all the seniors in the canteen.

They all surrounded the table. The senior girl went on with her quizzing

Another girl came to stand behind me, both her hands were on my shoulders pressing me down...

Ohh this must be 'the' ragging.. I realised at last!

"So where you from?" she barked

I answered in a bright voice..

"You should greet us all with 'good morning' everyday. You should not sit unless we invite you to do so and you should bring us lunch from your home everyday understand? ! she rattled on the rules in a brisk manner..

For you all? i asked in a shocked tone

"Yes ! and remember this.. Never make the mistake of questioning us.. got it?"

"Yes' i said slowly, seething inside..

Say "yes Mam" ! She barked again

God what a rude awakening it was for me!

So who was with u the other day, that tall guy? another senior asked

My daddy

u still call him 'daddy'?

'Yes' i said

They all laughed and i got confused

I started prattling about my dad

The senior stopped me with a quelling look...

"So your daddy seems like a very good catch! mmmm.. ask him to come

tomorrow. I'd like to go on a date with him!" She ordered me imperiously

I was totally confused and kind of shocked by this.

I forgot my fear and laughed at her saying "hey my daddy is old and he

is married too"

I was one prize idiot at that time, I realize that now! :)

The problem was, i was well aware of the fact that they were making

fun of me but 'of what' I didn't understand.

Ok let's forget your old daddy then. Of all the seniors here, Whom u like

the most? she asked

A tricky question indeed I figured out the trap but blundered in a colossal

way with my dumb answer !

In girls, I like you all! I beamed again

"Ohhhhh " there was a big chorus

In boys?

I carefully started assessing every senior boy ignoring the laughter.

The boys were doing all kind of faces at me. I smiled back at them but

still carefully assessing!

They were 20-25 boys and one caught my attention [maybe he fulfilled my [subconscious requirements!] Till date i don't know why i was so reluctant to say
the same answer " i like all boys too"
I pointed at him as my favorite.

Now the entire canteen rocked with wolf whistles and laughter..

What's so special with him? one senior boy asked

"He is tall, and he is not laughing at me like you all do" I mumbled [ dont ask me how being tall and not laughing at me are related! :):)]

Oh, this girl is such a baby yaar ! one senior shaked her head in amazement

what will you do when u get married? one senior asked

Imagine yourself having a first night with your husband what will u do? she asked

Now my 'fav' senior boy voiced his objection, asked them to let me go.

But the rest were having too much fun at my expense to heed his request!

I tried to recall whatever I'd seen in the movies..

I always had this idea that first nights happen only in movies, kinda 'fantasy like'!

So i said the usual things the decorated room, going in with milk,

the fine clothes,

'Go on, Wont u touch your husband's feet asking his blessings? senior prodded me

"I wont !" I shaked my head briskly

well ok.. what then?

"we'll both go to sleep"!

What about kiss ? one senior boy asked

I blushed furiously [talk about being shy !] but my arrogance and pride

wdn't let me admit defeat

'I dont know how to kiss'.. I mumbled on the verge of tears but holding on


Oh c'mon a know-all like u dont know about kissing? senior girl mocked

I glared at her defiantly with a false bravado refused to answer..

She smiled at me placatingly and assured me " dont worry B we'll teach u how to kis. Our seniors taught us how to. So it's all part of ragging, u know" !

dumber me believed her line !

Here comes the so called 'Kiss'..

She made a fist and sucked on the upperside just under the

thumb and forefinger !

Do it like that ! she ordered me!

Though i was intrigued i was reluctant to do it.

It seemed distasteful !

No wonder they say growing up is painful!

They all left with a warning that i shouldnt come to the college

without practicing my kissing skill !

At home, My mom noticed me sucking my fist.

She was appalled when i explained things.

So i went to my dad asking whether i got it doing in the right way!

well in my book, dad was my hero and he sure had answers to every

question and every problem.

Though my dad did avoid answering me directly, he didn't laugh at me either!

He sat and talked with me for a while appreciated me for the way i faced

my ragging without waterworks and in a professional courses,how
seniors can be helpful.

Out of fear of losing face, i went through the practice with such dedication,

that my fist looked red in the morning ! lolz

The next day i went to see that senior girl.

But she laughed off the entire episode never asked me to show

my skill [what a waste ! hehehe]

And that senior boy i picked out of the whole lot became my best friend.

Mine was much nicer. Some of the other freshers went thru the ordeal of

stripping and all

One interesting detail

When i was in London One lady told me that old ladies teach their grand kids

especially young girls to say the following words repeatedly "potato", "pout", "pound"

Why, do u think?

Any wild guesses?

well ..when saying these words the lips form a perfect pout which looks oh-so-attractive and oh-so-kissable !

Why our grandmothers never teach us such important life-saving tricks like this...i wonder...!! :):)