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Friday, November 25, 2011

2 hours....120 minutes...What a lifesaver it was !!

This blog is written especially for the

Surf Excel Matic #GetSmart Contest

I was driving..returning home after a stressful day at office. But my mind was wandering…

I felt empty…something is missing in life…some vital thing that makes one want to get up in the morning with renewed energy and interest..

What is wrong? Is it me? Is it Rahul? Kids?

No! Definitely not kids. They are the joy of my life!

Then what? Why I feel this restlessness?

Rahul is a model husband. Ours is a love marriage. Except for occasional tiffs, we are one happy couple for the past 10 years. Both of us are passionate about our jobs and we make it a point to make allowances whenever our jobs demand it.

Financially we are very well off.

So..what the hell is bugging me ?!! Am I going crazy? Am I bored? Oh god…what I wouldn’t give to know !..…

Maybe..I need a break from everything..

I should talk to Rahul about this..ask him to take a few days off..so that we can go away somewhere and relax..

Awwwww…..How many days it is since Rahul and I relaxed together..let alone talked about anything ???

Realization hit me HARD !!

Oh god! Oh god!

So..that’s what is bugging me…making me restless !!

We have not even had any precious, much needed ‘couple’ time for..how long..3 years? 4 years?

When did we become mere machines??

I decided to resolve the issue then and there !

Yes! Tonight , I’m going to make time somehow to have some precious time with my dear Rahul !

How? Plan..plan….c’mon buddhu..think something..!


Didn’t I see some ad in Indiblogger ..challenging bloggers to get 2 hours leisure time if they use Surf Excel Matic ??????

Yes! Yes! I can put it to test..!

Time : 8.30 pm

After homework and dinner, Kids were safely tucked in their room..playing Angry birds.

I put clothes in the washing machine with Surf Excel Matic. Ahhh..I can have my 2 hours now with my dearest Rahul !

"Hope this Surf Excel Matic works it’s magic as it’s promised"...I muttered to myself….

Time: 10.30pm

I felt like flying !

To my greatest surprise, I came to know that Rahul was also in the same grumpy mood, felt the same restlessness without knowing the reason !

That magical 2 hours gave us back our own magic we have for each other..but forgot to tap it amidst our busy schedule !

It’s like falling in love again all the way…all those thrills…loving glances, shared laughter, shared meals, shared dreams, hand holding,…

I felt like shouting from the roof top “we have found our magic “LOVE” again!!

Thank you Surf ExcelMatic ! It’s because of you, I got those precious, life saving 2 hours!

Surf Excel Matic..You kept your promise! Now I know Surf Excel loves clothes as much as I love my Rahul ! :) :)