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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Killer Stilettos OR Wild Boots -- Who Makes A Better Employee or Entrepreneur?

An old news caught my attention and here I am!

The news - "The proposed ban on stilettos in workplaces"

Continuous wearing of such impossibly high pointed heels definitely lead to many health hazards..
like severe back pain.

At the same time, wearing platforms to add few inches is a must for women who are short to boost up their spirits.

It's just a simple case of choosing the right shoes!

But..as usual..Women consider this as a threat against their freedom and equality!!

This triggered a question " who makes a better employee..women or men?"

Qualification: Different jobs demand different qualifications. Girls excel more in academics than boys.
In higher studies, men are the sure toppers!

But..academic excellence is just a token to get a job. Real qualification is in application and execution. In more elaborate terms..dedication, innovation, development, broader perspective and definitely professionalism.

Dedication: Women are generally more dedicated. Because of their natural affinity with time-consciousness, tackling deadlines comes easier to them than men. Women are the BEST in observing regularity, work ethics, sincerity.

Innovation: Though women excel in academics, Men excel in innovative thinking and ideas. Some jobs demand and mostly rely on such innovative ideas..like Architecture, Film making and such..

Innovation needs adventurous and quirky thinking. Those qualities are second nature to men where as women fall short.

All Women have this single mindedness that sometimes borders on narrow mindedness too. When it comes to Indian women, they lack broader perspective. I blame our society and culture for this character formation. From the cradle, girl children are taught to act submissive. Cultural pressures plant inhibitions in their minds. Societal pressures fuel this inhibitions which leads to narrow mindedness. Indian women are never taught or trained to have their own ideas or to make their own decisions. Some might say that today's women have every freedom possible. But..no..the sad truth is..inspite of their education and economic independence, Indian women are still less individualistic and more submissive.

That's why they excel in clerical jobs and do fairly good in mid level jobs. They find traveling in a well-paved path easier than testing the depth of the unknown!

They lack courage to venture into new opportunities. They lack leadership qualities. How many Lady entrepreneurs we have? Does the ratio of women population balance with the entrepreneurial one?

Indra Nooyi, ICICI chief and Biocon VP are exceptions!

They expect support from others or some outside source [be it government or other] to test waters of the unknown! For example, Govt. formed women self-help groups and women in this group excel beyond expected levels.

Professionalism: Indian women definitely lack professionalism. There are 2 kinds of professionalism. By hook or crook, getting things done is one kind. Another is sticking to one's own ideologies and never compromise. Men have both these qualities. Women certainly don't!

On a personal level, Women get things done in their own way by hook or crook. They don't have many ideologies..even if they do, they don't stick to it to the end. they are ready to compromise.

On a professional level, They like to follow someone and hesitate to lead. They bring in their emotional disturbances to their workplace. They let their Personal woes color or affect their work. They expect favoritism just cz they r women! They hold grudges for a longer period. Professionalism is an alien word to them. Favoritism, petty jealousies, gossip, using feminine wiles, obstinacy , tears are some of their irritating qualities!

Men are far far better than women when it comes to dress code! Sensible attire is what is needed in the workplace. Most offices are forced to put a dress code just cz of Women and their distracting, revealing clothes!

In short, women make better employees, provided the job demands nothing innovative. They are good in clerical and mid level jobs.

Men make 'the best' employees..their unconventional, unruly ways and their arrogance, their sense of humor..everything turn them into a very good entrepreneurs.

Of course..regarding women, exceptions are there. But still, Men excel in being an Entrepreneur!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Compromise .....Compromise.....Compromise...!!!

I detest this word! But in reality, Compromises can make or break life !

What do 'you' want? never mind.. just a slight compromise and it'll do u a world of good !

What do 'you' like ? never mind.. compromise, smile and tolerate even if u don't like! You'll become a favorite person to all!

What do 'you' think? never mind... give ears to others' thoughts.. Life will be easier!

Life is full of such compromises! Some compromises make us feel like another Buddha. Some make us feel rotten.. Some make us feel frustrated. But in all this, one loses one's own identity!

Mind and body slowly get numb. We no longer act assertive in establishing our own likes and wants. Is this what they cleverly call "older wiser"? aghh...

In compromising there is no scale in assessing the depth! Everyone to their own ! After a lot of compromises in the name of life, love, like, respect and what not, I really don't know who I'm anymore ! When I look back, i see a sunny gal with innocence as pure as snow, lots of trust, faith, with a world-is-my-oyster kind of confidence! The tastes, likings, wants.. they are still the same. But the person is irrevocably changed! Innocence is forever lost. Trust, faith and the go-getter attitude.. everything is still there... but heavily tinged with cynicism!!

"Cynic" is the apt way to describe Compromises. Be it small or big ones, compromises turn a person into a hardened cynic ! Fact of life ! What do I get in return? Loving family, excellent career..I'm sure. All my compromises make me an apple in the eye of my family and friends ! awww...

so why crying hues???

Because sometimes, even loving family and excellent career couldn't ward off the longing for the lost things, the acute loneliness and Identity crisis ! Chronic Identity Crisis'itis'!

Where is "ME"?
where have i left my true self in my race towards achieving the above two that is loving family and excellent career?

I dont know... i'm perplexed.... I feel lost.....