Listing human weaknesses is a herculean task.

Usually these so called weaknesses are always kept hidden from their near and dear ones.

But..not anymore.

Greed has the power to make people wash their dirty laundry in public…without any qualms!

Oh yes! i’m talking about this new t.v reality show ” sach ka saamna”.

In a way this program helps us to re-evaluate our value system.

But no one can deny that this program is a total exploitation of human weakness for voyeurism.

is a price for everything in this world and it need not always be in
currencies. A poor, honorable but hungry person who goes without food
for a couple of weeks wont think twice before stealing when he sees
food! A desert traveler who is dying of thirst wont think twice before
compromising his wife for just a drop of life saving water!’s
the need and the adversity of it’s nature decides a person’s actions.
At these times, the good values and the ideologies take back seat or
get conveniently forgotten.

Need maketh man…indeed!

can anyone justify greed? Greed is the father of all human weaknesses.
It has both positive and negative effects, One should be careful where
and when and on what this greed being put on to use.

So..what has this greed to do with relationships?

relationships, greed breeds possessiveness. This is a positive outcome
of greed. Possessiveness makes people to care for, to safeguard their
own. very recent times, it’s being proved again and again how
humans, who r in the grip of extreme greed for money, ready to
compromise their relationships, even ready to humiliate themselves
publicly to get their hands on this so called wealth !

It’s not as though the participants are dirt poor or moderately poor. So..the big lure is nothing but easy money..the big bucks!

participants even look like as though they enjoy publicizing their
sins! Another facet of the complexity of human nature! [ Mr. Freud,
where art thou?]

Is money worth all these humiliation..i wonder…

negative reaction this program brings out is from young ,
impressionable minds. By seeing all the harsh truths shared by spouses
or lovers, they start questioning the sanctity of marriage. They lose
faith in relationships. They lose faith in bonding, in sharing. They
start seeing only selfishness even in harmless actions. Positive
emotions like Faith, Trust, Fidelity, True love get thrashed, crushed
to nothing!

A very very dangerous outcome!

Another thing is curiosity. Curiosity kills ..not only the cat..but also humans!

curiosity to learn more intimate, details about one’s near and dear
ones is not wrong. But doing it in public for money is sheer cruelty.
It’s Just like putting wife/husband as a bet in gambling!

relationships, every relationship, be it siblings, parents-children,
lovers, husband-wife, friends, relatives, has a limit..a not-to-cross

Whenever these lines get crossed , it ends in broken relationships.

No one is perfect.

any relationship under scanner is sheer foolhardiness..especially the
intimate relationships like lovers and husband and wife.
Trying to
live in each others pockets just because they are lovers or married
only helps in stifling them to death. The death of their relationship.
Every human is basically a loner. Even though some external influence
is there, a person’s ultimate thoughts, actions, doings, deeds are
his/her very own. And interestingly, those thoughts or actions neednot
always be good ones! Trying to assume, or trying to read those
thoughts, or trying to make a person confess his/her very own private
thoughts is very wrong!

Utmost stupidity. Because..No one is
ever ready to face the harsh truths..naked truths. Humans are
susceptible to extreme emotions and when they get to face the harsh
truths, they succumb to emotional tantrums..even to suicide.

So..having personal space and allowing personal space in intimate relationships is wise.

Discretion is always better.

is bliss! It’s not necessary for anyone to know every last detail of
his/her lover or spouse unless they volunteer. Every person has a past
and a closet possibly with one or two skeletons! If peaceful, blissful
co-existence or co-habitation is more important, it’s better to curb,
kill that awful curiosity.

A certain detached attachment is what is needed in nurturing any intimate relationship.

What about people who have this extreme greed for money?

Well..wash dirty laundry in public..break relationships and hearts and end up with the loneliest possible life with currencies!