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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chevrolet versus vanilla ice-கிரீம் ! !

What has Chevy got anything to do with vanilla ice cream??

a lot

Sounds weird??

An interesting thing happened that challenged

even the best of auto people’s knowledge

GM Motors America’s one of the oldest

and largest automaker we all know this

One day, GM motor’s client’s wing received

a complaint through mail

The client said that he was [let me call him

Mr X] having a peculiar problem His family

have this long standing habit of going to ice

cream shop every night after dinner But the

problem was whenever the family had vanilla ice

cream, the car refused to start But when they had strawberry or chocolate or some other flavor,

the new car acted like a prefect darling

On receiving this complaint, service engineers

had a good laugh and didn’t pay any heed to this

But Mr X was adamant and sent his complaint

to higher authorities repeatedly After a while,

this made even the GM motors curious They sent

their representative to look into this weird complaint

He stayed with the family and observed the

ice cream incident Voila He found it’s real

The car refused to start whenever the family

opted for vanilla ice cream

As an expert, he believed there must be a

scientific reason for this He observed things for days…

He found out the reason at last

In that ice cream parlor, the vanilla machine

was put up in the front yard itself Every other

ice cream machines were on the inside of the shop

So when the family opt for vanilla, the car’s vapor

lock on place and didn’t get enough time to release

the lock and start

A simple mechanism

But for a while, the poor vanilla ice cream

shouldered the blame lolzz

Just imagine the rumor spreading like fire

that GM motors’ cars wont start if we have

vanilla ice cream hilarious isnt it

This is what experts call science versus belief

Belief is ok but blind beliefs r not right

When we start believing something, we also stop

looking for reasons and logic What say…

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Kinda busy. but i havent stopped writing. it's just i'm writing in another site. I live in Chennai. I'm an Architect. Btw..hru?

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i am good!...:) wht is tht other sie??

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