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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Supreme Court and Live-in Relationships

Recently Supreme Court declared that live-in relationships are not offensive in any way!

In any way??

How could a responsible judicial system dish out a verdict like this?

I'm not going to take a moral stand on this issue.

I agree, when 2 consenting adults decide to live together without the binding, humdrum legalities of matrimony, it's not an offense.
It's their fundamental right.

But, in the name of fundamental rights, judiciary let out the vicious evil scot free which is extremely offensive to the familial setup we enjoy in India.

Live-in relationships boasts of nothing but lust! Of course lust is a positive, healthy emotion. But Lust comes with a lot of strings..like procreation.

Condoms are NOT foolproof! Accidents happen!

What of the children born out of wedlock?

Dont our so-called Judiciary has any responsibility towards children , the future rulers of this country??!!

After all. by recognizing such live-in relationships, Judiciary is stomping unconcernedly on such children's fundamental Rights!

Children have no fundamental rights?

Western world has so many good things to ape ! But why we always hellbent on aping the worst from them? Just by watching them, we all know what happens when giving
in to the popular term 'fundamental rights'! Single mothers, foster homes, ever increasing Juvenile homes, resulting in more heinous crimes.

It's influence on one's emotional equilibrium is more dangerous and disastrous. Thus developed the western society which is full of bitter, cynical,
emotionally robbed off, extremely lonely people!

Do we want that here in India?

Live-in relationships are nothing but Lust of convenience! Those who don't trust each other, who are commitment-shy, who hate responsibilities, who lack mutual respect
indulge in such relationships. If this is what live-in relationships offer, is it advisable to advocate it? It's definitely, undoubtedly anti-social!

Indulge in lust as much as u want! There ends that couple's so-called Fundamental Rights! Coming out of ur house, voicing ur anti social thoughts is crime..cz it
influence many innocent, uncorrupted young minds. It's a known fact that bad things attract!

Fundamental rights are alright..only when practiced in good causes. Exploiting it at every given opportunity and Judiciary joining hands with such attitude is highly worrying!
After all. Judiciary is not only responsible for keeping the constitutional rights. It has social responsibilities too!

If judiciary is going to act like "we act according to law and within law '..then they better stay out of such socially affecting, grossly misleading verdicts.

The pathetic thing is..the Judge quoted from Hindu mythology 'Krishna and Radha' to support his verdict.

If so..polygamy should also be acceptable..should be considered as fundamental rights!

A woman can have 5+1 husbands!

All brothers can marry the same woman!

Being a Playboy like Krishna is laudable!

Wooing and lusting after another man's wife [Radha]is not a crime!

Infidelity [Radha] attains god-like status!

All the above mythological deeds are..by far and above..comes under fundamental rights.

But..if we apply it in our real life in the name fundamental rights..it's a sure, potent cocktail
for total destruction of our civlised, social set up.

Humans are polygamous by nature. But civilization demands certain discipline. If procreation is not involved in this issue, Live-in relationships are not going to cause that much problem
with societal setup.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A wife's fantasy ride on Time machine - short story

Fantasy! This single word has enormous power to make our heart flutter..

I'm whirring fassst¦ Time machine taking me to Stone age /
Wowww! beautiful dense forests... clean air... sparklingly clean water...
Who is standing there in that apple garden?
What r they doing... fighting clawing groping.. ewww! 2 hairy animals! No No it's humans!!

Oh my god!! Is this the famous Adam and Eve?!

Hairy bodies, yellow teeth.. smelly breath... yucky! Oh my.. what are they upto? !

Growling like animals they r clawing each other and ouch! No wonder that lady screams in pain!

Enough of this barbarians! God i'm scared! I would like to have a word with Milton for making them sound like some sweet smelling angels in his Paradise Lost! what a realisation !!

Whizzzzzzzzzzzzz...... going to 1800s

Ahaaa..the streets r well planned! That temple looks great. Bullock carts and horses fill the roads.

Is that what king's palace? must be...

Palace is filled with gold statues. Walls r painted with gems and pearls.. I should take back some of these fortune..

but where is the king?...

There he is! Romancing his lady love.. queen..
Hey wait! That king looks like my hubby!!!! oh my that's him! How dare he romancing another lady!?....

I stalk down the long corridor and pull king away from that lady[lady psst]'s clutches..

Hubby , no no.. king, turns his angry eyes on me "Who are you, wench?™

U ungrateful ape! I'm your wife!

You r wearing men's garb, wench! Are u a spy? Is this some ploy to kill me?
Don't try to act smart, Hub! U r not to touch her!!
King rolls his eyes and claps his hands and 2 soldiers appears...
Take this crazy looking wench to prison. Tomorrow burn her to death!
Aww no court! no arguments! no justice!

Our 2000 sounds better!

I start running for my life.. jumping on my time machine! whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrr.......

Phewwww 1800s wont do! let me try 1900s

Americaaaaaaaaaaaa! ohh hooooooooo

Men look dirty, sporting long hair, too many bead chains around their neck, cigs lolling on the side of their mouth...

Women look dirtier with their nicotine teeth, drug induced glazy eyes

I go into a bar..

Hey who is dancing there that's 'him' again! my hub now with a different woman? !
I go up to him and push him hard!
He goes sprawling on dance floor...

Whoa babe eazy ! eazy ! what's up? You wanna dance with me? is that what this is all about ? !

How dare u dance with her... that dirty looking ****!! U r my hub, remember?
Oh ...me ur hub? !

Guffaws all around......

I realize i'm in 1900s and not in 2008..

But how the hell this hub of mine didnt romance me even once in all of his births????!!!!

Grrrrrrrrrr....runs back to my time machine

Y this damn machine is not starting kicking hardddddddddd....

Ouch! stop that wife ! U r hurting me!

I am lying on my bed, waking form my crazy dream.. hub practically rattling my teeth by shaking me...

Sorry honey! I thought I was kicking my time machine.. he he...


On seeing his face, , all my anger at seeing him with other women comes back in full force..
But don't talk to me! i'm angry with u!

Err.. started early today eh ? he grins..

But see.. i have a valid reason. I saw u romancing other women in 1800 and 1900!!

Valid indeed ! ! Don't be stupid wife! U and your weird dreams...

Yes..I know. still...

Hey know what.. u were a dirty American hippy in your 1900s birth and a King in 1800s birth..

But sadly, u were not a boring doctor like now!.. I giggle

Still how could he romance other women?... thoughts started nagging me

Hey! may be it was me all the time! Maybe I looked different in my previous births.. he he..

awww..fantasy works in all ways !! lolz

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